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The Union of Interpreters and Translators (Czech acronym JTP) was founded in 1990, and currently has around 600 members, who are professional translators, interpreters, and translatology teachers in the Czech and Slovak Republics and in other countries and four associate institutional members.

During the period it has been in existence, JTP has established itself as a leading representative of professionals in the interpreting and translation fields in the Czech Republic. The aim of JTP is to achieve appropriate recognition and rewards for our professions in society, and at the same time to raise the professional standards of our colleagues. All members have the opportunity to contribute to achieving this common goal, according to their own abilities and means.

One of the important advantages of membership of JTP is inclusion in our official list of interpreters and translators, which is updated regularly. It is available to the public on the internet, is sold in electronic form on CD, and is usually published in printed form every two years.

Another important source of information on the theory and practice of our professions, and on terminology, dictionaries available on the market in printed and electronic form, and software for translators, is our specialist journal ToP, while our electronic JTP Newsletter is the best source of current information. Through the Newsletter, all our members with e-mail receive roughly once a week the most recent internal news about events organised by JTP and other organisations, publications, job offers, issues relating to the translating and interpreting market, and warnings about clients who do not pay or are untrustworthy for other reasons.



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